The NB cloche

A raised cloche hat is a variation of the cloche hat, an iconic style from the 1920s. The cloche hat has a fitted crown that fits snugly on the head and a narrow brim. In the case of a raised cloche hat, the brim is lifted upwards to create a different shape that highlights the wearer’s face, drawing attention to their facial features. The cloche hat has a clean and fitted shape that accentuates the posture.
It can be easily worn with different hairstyles, offering true comfort while providing particular protection for the nape and ears.
In the 1940s and 1950s, Dior played a significant role in reintroducing and popularizing the cloche hat, especially by reimagining it with raised brims. In the 1970s, Saint Laurent, known for his ability to reinterpret and modernize classic fashion styles, reintroduced this type of hat in collections with timeless elegance and a strong sense of modernity.
The Nelly Bichet cloche is a hat that you will enjoy wearing for its elegance, but also for its practicality, as it will stay securely in place even in strong winds!

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[fr]Ce chapeau de type Cloche a des bords clochant irrégulier de 7 cm a l'avant et de 4 cm a l'arrière pour ne pas gêner dans la nuque. La calotte ronde est profonde de 10 cm de hauteur pour bien s'emboiter sur la tête. Il est fabriqué en feutre de laine en provenance d’Italie, l’entrée de tête est en gros grain de coton et la bande de garniture est en cuir végétal tenu par une petite chaine de laiton. Disponible dans 6 couleurs, il peut également être réalisé en feutre de poils de lapins sur commande aux couleur de votre choix. Présenté en taille 57, il peut être réaliser dans dans des tailles du 53 au 62 cm Veillez bien a choir une taille au dessus de votre tour de tête afin de glisser vos oreilles a l'intérieur . Chaque étape de sa fabrication est soigneusement réalisée dans mon atelier sur des outils anciens et spécifiques, selon une technique traditionnelle de chapellerie.[en]This Cloche-style hat features an irregular downturned brim of 7 cm at the front and 4 cm at the back to allow for comfort at the nape. The round crown is 10 cm deep to fit securely on the head. It is crafted from Italian wool felt, with a cotton grosgrain inner band and a vegetable leather trim band held by a small brass chain. Available in 6 colors, it can also be custom-made in rabbit fur felt in the colors of your choice. Presented in size 57, it can be custom-made in sizes ranging from 53 to 62 cm. Please be sure to choose a size slightly larger than your head circumference to comfortably accommodate your ears inside. Every step of its production is carefully carried out in my workshop using antique and specialized tools, following a traditional millinery technique.

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