Origami winter collection

Inspired by origami and vintage pleated technics, this collection of wool felt hat is for you. Available in different colors you can order it in your size and colors on demand.

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Revisiting the classics.

Why create a winter collection composed of fashion classics? Revisiting classic hats allows for the expression of creativity by introducing new and innovative elements to traditional styles. By blending timeless aesthetics with modern elements, one creates elegant pieces that are relevant in the contemporary context, with unique and personalized details.

It is also a way to pay tribute to the history of fashion and to the iconic designers who developed trends of the past, offering an opportunity to delve into the history of fashion and the different eras that influenced today’s styles.

Creating a collection of revisited classic hats allows for the fusion of tradition and innovation, offering iconic pieces suitable for all head shapes, styles, and contemporary hat uses, all while remaining true to my design style: clean lines, rich colors, and harmonious proportions.

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