1 month to discover Montréal City

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A new destination for Nelly’s hats

1 month to discover Montréal City.
A French speaking capital!

Nelly spends a month in Montréal. The French speaking capital of Quebec.
Last December, Nelly Bichet and her hats were "Guest Stars" at the huge fine craft exhibition “Salon des Métiers d’Art du Quebec”.
Imagine 350 exhibitors over 22 days at the Bonnaventure Hall in the heart of Montréal City. The show was a great opportunity to meet Canadian women and get to know them. Before going, I imagined that because of the cold weather every one would wear a hat there. And it’s true. Everyone needs a hat when it’s -18°C!
I met a lot of very nice and enthusiastic people, most of them in love with France, knowing and appreciating our old country. My winter collection was very successful, especially my felt hats with their lovely colours and retro-shapes.
It was a nice surprise when I had the chance to meet IMA, a famous Québecoise singer. She fell in love with my hats and chose two of them for this winter.
While shopping I saw some wonderful fur chapka hats or "toques". It seems that making hats with all sorts of natural fur is a Canadian speciality.